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Welcome to David Burnett & Associates

David Burnett & Associates is an intensely customer-focused full-service market research firm that combines traditional excellence with innovative solutions. Here at DBA, we measure the success of our company by the success of our clients. Proactive communication, creativity, and personal attention are key dynamics which enable our clients to exceed their goals. "Up close with each customer!" are not just words but the culture of DBA.

DBA provides a complete array of market research capabilities, from the initial planning and design through collection and deliverables. During all phases DBA works closely with our clients to focus on objectives, share knowledge, and ultimately add value to our services provided.

The leadership team at DBA has expertise in questionnaire planning and design, sample management, various data capture methods including CATI and web, data entry, coding, customized data deliverable, online reporting, and simple to complex tabulations. Our skill set and knowledge are continuously evolving with new technologies and techniques. This gives DBA a competitive edge in the dynamic global landscape of Market Research.

Founded in 1992 by David Burnett, David Burnett & Associates is based in Pennington, New Jersey. Since inception, DBA continues to enhance its service offerings in the ever dynamic field of Market Research while keeping a client oriented approach. Explore our service and see why DBA is a superior choice for your Market Research needs.