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DBA Interactive

Web surveys are a powerful force that is reshaping the research landscape. On-line surveys are efficient and cost-effective for a wide range of relational learning initiatives. Access of this scope and focus is unprecedented, driving prime applications that include: measuring advertising awareness, customer/employee satisfaction, new product/concept testing, website effectiveness, and much more.

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DBA Interactive provides the highest degree of customization for online interviewing and reporting. DBA's hosted interviewing via provide customized online surveys to meet all your clients' needs from simple quick turn around to complex multimedia based studies and everything in between. Utilizing logos, color-schemes, graphics, sound, and video we provide respondents with a positive interview experience. All traditional based interviewing techniques including, but not limited to, rotating questions, skip patterns, quotas, data validation, displaying data from previous questions, and sample based data access are now enhanced with web features such as passwords, suspending/resuming of interviews, images, color schemes, customized JavaScript (for improved data validation and respondent feedback), multi-language, sound and video.

Our clients are able to securely access their survey results via Online completion reports as well as full tabulations are available 24 hours a day and can be viewed online and imported into Word for greater flexibility. Services such as open-end listing, action comments, and data files can be accessed on the web. and are dedicated Linux based systems with emphasis on speed of webpage delivery and data security. DBA Interactive's network is powered by a dedicated T1 based system, with a 99.9% uptime rating. The use of firewalls, daily full system backups, twice daily data backups, and off-site data storage provides secure interview and reporting environments.